Picking a winner

Camel rides

Bob collecting the wood

Our camp site

The races

Big Bob

Leaving Boulia

Monday; Arrived in Boulia and decided to go straight to the racetrack (when we find out where it is as there are no signs at all) and set-up camp good move as there is probably about 200 vans here already. Found a good area right near the main amenity building and close to the track.

Tuesday to Friday daily activities of relaxing and relaxing; except we have neigbours and they like to be up too close and personal. With acres to park around, there is no need to park on top of someone - they can't even put their awning out fully or they will hit our van. Probably around over a 1500 vans have arrived by Friday.

Well organised for the volume of vans here with all the bins being empty twice per day and amenities are cleaned once or twice per day. Daily a big semi comes and dumps wood in various sites - Bob is in heaven busy draging his wood over to our camp sites.

Dannie is really busy in her role as Safety and Security Office as Bob is a shocker.

Friday; There is a wood fired pizza van setup so we have decided that will do us. Dannie and I have decided to go over and watch the entertainment while Bob and Trevor watch football in our van.

Well we did our best to hang out until around 9pm but it got to freezing point so we have headed back to our caravan to the men - who are very comfortable on the bed watching football.

Saturday; Today is the big race day and there is people everywhere; some from the Big Red Bash, some from Mt Isa, and the rest like us have traveller here from all over Australia for this event.

First camel race (three camels) has one called Big Bob so naturally we all place a bet on him - and yes he won. Dannie is off to a good start as in the second race she backs a camel name Jackie (named after someone she knows) and wins again. The time between races takes so long and even longer to get the camels to the starting point.

I have decided to leave the team here and go back to our caravan as I'm still not well and need to lie down. Everyone arrives back at our site after the races are over - time for showers before going back over for dinner and entertainment. Showers are getting colder (due to volume) but I'm using our shower so the water is hot.

Trevor and I are leaving tomorrow to head home so we are all packed and hooked up for a early start. All rugged up and we are back over found a table with a good view of the stage which is on the other side of the track so you can not see their faces real well.

Men have decided to go back to the vans for the night while Dannie and I are trying to stick it out for the main act (Pink tribute) lead singer from Mt Isa.

Well 30 minutes before the main event as it is so cold we have decided to go back to our van and listen to the music from there which I did until midnight - good singer she sounded just like Pink shame it got too cold to watch.

Sunday; We are heading back to Brisbane as our granddaughter Chelsy is in a big musical production so we are up early and off while Bob and Dannie sleep in. First stop breakfast @ the Middleton Hotel then onto Barcaldine (Football oval again). As the showgrounds has power we have heating tonight so at least I'm warm.

Monday; Up early and we are off to Biloela for our last stop. On the way back to Glenwood we had to stop as coming down a mountain range near Gayndah one of the straps holding the boat on the roof rack broke so it was a bit hairy as there was no where to pull over for some time - but we found a one horse town and pulled in thankful that Trevor had a spare strap and in no time we were back on the road. Arrived back at Glenwood around lunch time and parked the van on the grass and started cleaning all the red dirt, cow shit and skippy fur off the caravan which meant cleaning from the roof down. Then we waited for the van to dry before bring it into the shed.

Heaps of washing to do on Tuesday plus I need to go to Gympie to seek medical treatment, Doctor not happy with me at all and informed me that he did not care where we are in Australia the next time (if there is one) I'm to go to the nearest hospital. Right so with a bag of drugs we are off home but I need to go and have a heap of tests before we go to Brisbane.

We have decided to leave for Brisbane on Thursday but first I need to go and have the tests done so I can report back to the doctor early next week.

Arrived at the Warners by 3.30pm (tests took so long) but all is good as we are now ready for our big week-end. Chelsy our eldest granddaughter is in a major musical production which is being held @ Sleeman Centre. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

So the plan is Karlyne and I are going Friday night to see Chelsy, Shenon has flown in from Melbourne to see the show so she is going with Trevor and Jason plus 5 children on Saturday night while Karlyne and I are going to QPAC in the city to watch the musical called Beautiful (the Carol King Story) - my mother's day gift. Lucky I can sleep all day so as to have the energy for these events. By the way Chelsy's show (We Will Rock You) (an all school children show) was just amazing and gain a higher vote than the Beautiful love them both but "We Will Rock You" was just amazing.

Monday; Well it is time to head home and potter around the property; go see my doctor and workout our next trip. Well the doctor has informed me that I had/have acute sinus; Bronkitis, plus very bad Asthma attacks. Outcome; I'm not to go anywhere, where it is windy and/or dusty at all. Outcome; I must take Asthma medicane daily (I now have three types - great).

We were planning to leave Glenwood on the weekend to head up the coastline and maybe catch up with Bob and Dannie on their way back but first Trevor needs to go to Melbourne with Jason to do some work next week so they are flying out Sunday and back Wednesday so I guess we will be leaving next Friday.

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