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Swimming in the rain

Just swimming in the rain

Dingy launch

Tight fit!


Typical river boat

Our view in the boat

Fort Island house

Fort Zeelandia (1726)

Emerald humming bird

Hindu temple


Pontoon on the floating bridge

Roti Hut - restaurant, bakery, and more!

Up at 7:15 again after a good night and head out to breakfast again. Eat with the two cooks who told us about their lives in the village near the resort. Both were married to men who worked in the mines and were away for six weeks to two months at a time. Friendly folks.

Then back and a bit of packing, then we decided to go for a swim as nothing special was planned. As we got in the water it started to rain, but we kept on. The current was quite strong so we had to keep moving to stay near the dock.

Then we decided to do a bit of sailing so got in the dingy and paddled in circles then just a bit down river and messed around, then back to the lodge and put stuff away.

Off to an early lunch and the sloth that had been in the tree the whole time we were there woke up and started drying herself off in the sun. She laid in the sun then looked around – the most active we’ve seen the whole trip. We took a bunch of photos and a movie – even though she wouldn’t move much.

We finally boarded the boat and headed off upriver. Nice sailing for a while then a heavy rain hit and we had to pull the sides down. It lasted about ten minutes then cleared up.

We then landed at Fort Island – the original Dutch colony location, and looked at Fort Zeelandia and the Court of Policy. Interesting stuff. Houses some of the worse we’ve seen. Dave, the guide, said it was the fruit capital of the country. Interesting place and very wet from the recent rain.

Back into the boat and a quick trip to the dock, then a really rapid run into town with the driver playing beach music and singing along. We finally got to the hotel and checked in after a while. Ann and Robin got separate rooms – which seemed odd.

We unpacked then down to the hotel restaurant for dinner, but no one came so we left (after the rain stopped) and went to Roti Hut for curry and a bunch of buns for the morning. Then back to the hotel, trying to catch up on being off line for four days!

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