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Woke up later the next day and drove into Bolzano, Italy. My first trip to Italy! Bolzano is another small town nestled in a valley in very Northern Italy. A lot of German influence (of which I made fun of, of which Mrs. Rolann got mad....sorry!). What a great little town. There was a band set up in the middle of the square. They were Germans singing American songs like "Sweet Home Alabama" to Italians. It was odd. The church in the town, the Our Lady of Assumption, was beautiful and very similar to the St. Stevens Church in Vienna (except not as large). We had the akward pleasure of walking in during 6pm mass. Lit candles. Gave money. Then left through the enormously cool door which I have a picture of. Had some drinks at a restaurant/bar on the square. Trying to find a place for dinner was quite a task. People were not so nice but somehow I was not that suprised. We got very lucky with the weather. It hovered around 65. Glorious!

Sunday morning, Mrs. Rolann brought back some pastries which I naturally tried (maybe a little too much of!). We then drove to a flea market somewhere just over in Austria. Some neat trinkets. I could get into this! Unfortunately, lost track of time and missed the train from Oberaudorf. So Mrs. Rolann booked it Mario Andretti-style to Rosenheim where I sadly departed.

The train ride back to Praha was something to be forgotten. Aparantly all million people in Munich that day wanted to catch the 16:44 back to Prague. I literally could not fit on the train. Not even standing. Long story short, I ended up standing in the bathroom with 2 other friends of mine I ran into from NYU. It gets worse. Although we were literally packed like sardines, people decided to continue the party with drinks and cigarettes. About an hour later, some people emptied out but there was still not a seat to be found. Sat on the floor in the hall with these three guys from Northern Germany who were so drunk, they were actually kicked out of Oktoberfest. Let me repeat: THEY WERE SO DRUNK, THEY GOT KICKED OUT OF OKTOBERFEST! I have pictures to prove it. It was that worthwhile. Finally more people left and I eventually found a seat where I proceeded to read the all of "The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time". Very good. I would highly recommend it.

I made it back to Prague safely but it was quite the journey. I must make a shout out to Mrs. Rolann and RJ for not only providing the funds for my trip (and the birthday presents...thank you!), but also for allowing me to share this experience with them. Dankashoooouuuuun! haha

Next weekend's adventure: Berlin.

Ps. We had intentions of going to Oktoberfest except both RJ and I got a weird stomach problem and I had chills and aches as well. I suppose it gives me an excuse to come back in the future!

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