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Friday night we drove into Salzburg (now imagine "The Hills Are Alive" being played for the next paragraph!). We got there near sundown. Parked literally in the mountain. Walked through the town, which is lovely, but unfortunately most of the shops were closed. Nevertheless, we crossed the bridge over the river with the mountains in the background and made our way to, yes folks, another Hotel Sacher! But this time, I was treated to dinner there as well! But the dessert was the highlight of the evening. I am going to get the name of it for you guys but it is a traditional Salzburg dessert consisting of 3 huge mountain-like egg souffles (I assume trying and mimic the "hills" of Salzberg) with a strawberry yougert/whipped cream on the side. We had the pleasure of eating next to a nice man from Manchester, England who had earlier heard us talking about the dessert on the bridge. My future goal: stay at the Hotel Sacher!

Please continue to the next entry to hear about Bolzano...

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