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Palm trees at Mission Beach

Mission Beach reflections

Dan's morning yoga - Vrksasana, Tree pose

A sleepy tourist - chillaxing

Not everyone is on holidays - work never stops on farms

Warning sign

Caught a quick picture of a cane train going past

It has almost been three weeks and all is going well, the only mishap so far has been a stone chip in the centre of the windscreen on the driver's side. O'Brien Glass said it was too big to repair whereas a local company did a great job and only charged $65.

We are lucky to be here this time of year as it is outside of marine stinger season. Funny to think all this glorious coastline and you take your life in your hands six months of the year. The bad news is there are crocodiles all year round, however good news you don't have to worry about sharks .....because the crocs eat them all!

Mission Beach is another beautiful beachfront town. Here two World Heritage areas, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest, form a natural environment like nowhere else on earth.

The beach is long and wide, fine and golden and the crowds are nowhere to be seen. A real paradise on earth. We are in Cassowary territory, haven't seen any yet. Last time we were up this way we were lucky, will we be this time?

Driving into Cairns we passed lots of backpacker accommodation. So no surprises that once we walk around every second person is half our age (poetic license) and speaking a foreign language. It is very lively along the Esplanade, lots of great restaurants, bars and cafes and the night markets. Walking along the boardwalk we could see the tide goes out a very long way exposing endless mud flats. The man-made lagoon is currently closed for a few weeks as they clean it up.

We stayed at Bay Village and seem to have ended up in the disabled room, which is very big with lots of assistance bars in the bathroom and a permanent seat in the shower. Nice to have a sit down in the shower.

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