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Sea wall

Pumps to remove rainwater

Kiss Kitty

Cock of the Rock

Pontoon bridge over the Demarara

Gold mining

Kaieteur falls

The falls #2

Big Tongue Bromiliade

Kaieteur Falls #3

The Golden Frog

The falls #3

The flooded plains

Giant water lilies

On the way

In the plane

In the flooded jungle

Down the Rupununi

Up at 6:45 to pack for the trip into the interior. Taking only one bag as we’re flying in a bush plane. Nice breakfast then meet with the van and off to Ogle airport.

We weigh in – both bags and ourselves – then wait a bit for the sky to clear near the falls. We finally head out about 10:00 Am and fly to Kaieteur Falls. Interesting trip =mostly over untouched jungle but the occasional gold or diamond mine complex scarred the land. Moved from all jungle to foothills and finally spotted the mist from the falls.

The pilot flew around the falls a couple times so we could get a good look – quite impressive as the largest single drop falls in the world -745 feet! We landed on a short runway at the national park and disembarked to meet our guide – Thomas.

He took us through the jungle leading to the falls - 0 starting off going through sedimentary rock with no vegetation into lots of bromeliads – Large Tongue bromeliads – and into a moss and lichen encrusted walkway to the first view of the falls – spectacular! A lot of mist and a constant roar.

Then off to a second view of the falls – a bit closer – where we looked at the falls but also found a golden frog – only found near the falls! Small but quite colorful. At this point the pilot also showed up as he liked the fresh air and was taking us to our next destination.

Then a third view o the falls even closer. It was as close as they would let us go but there was even more mist and the roar even louder. On the way we got to get a glimpse of the “Cock of the Rock” – a red/orange bird found in the area. We couldn’t get a good picture but it was a rare sighting. The pilot said it was the first he had seen in over a year.

Back to the lodge and Kitty bought me a falls shirt – but I had to pay for it as she had no Guyana money! Then back to the plane, goodbye to Thomas, and off we go to Karanambu!

Over more jungle then the land became more rugged with hills then into a wide valley that was clearly flooded. We saw a number of homes that were on islands and the road between then completely under water. It looked so much like Africa that we expected to see an elephant at any moment!

We landed and were met by two guys from the lodge – Manuel and another guy whose name I forgot immediately. Kitty and I drove in the bed of the truck for about ten minutes then we came to an outboard boat. We got on board and the guys packed our luggage and we sailed for almost an hour through the jungle. Lots of narrow passages and the occasional lake – sometimes with giant water lilies and the occasional bird.

We got to the lodge and walked up to our rooms – no AC, no fan, all solar and open to the elements (and bugs)! We were then greeted by Maya who gave us some nice drinks (rum punch!) and provided us with a late lunch.

After settling in we went down to the river again and sailed way down looking for birds and animals. We saw a variety of birds but nothing else. All in all though a very nice trip – cool and wonderful vegetation. Being the rainy season there was little dry land.

We got back to camp after dark and had a very nice dinner of soup, farina, and fish. Chatted with Maya about the area and history. Then back to out rooms where they had put up a quite respectable mosquito net! But since everything is on solar power we have no internet (until 11:00 PM) and the bugs are quite nasty. As I type this there are five on the computer screen.

We need to awake tomorrow at 5:45 for a hike to see what animals we can. So far quite a lot of fun (especially with the occasional howl and bang and the flutter of bats in the room!

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