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Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center




Holy Resurrection Church


Wind turbine; lots of wind today

A lot of cargo coming into port

Pretty scenery

A sunset

Kodiak is the largest city on Kodiak Island, which is situated southwest of the landlocked state of Alaska. It was our least favorite port stop on the cruise. It need to be explored by rental car, or a shore excursion, and we and we didn't have a lot of time in port. So, we stood in 30-mile and hour wind waiting for the little shuttle bus to take us to the small town area.

There is a very small shopping district, a visitor center for Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, a couple of museums and the Holy Resurrection Church. I never pass up a church so we walked to it; but, they were having services so we didn't intrude.

We headed back to the ship for lunch and we sailed out at 2 p.m. Our route will take us back across the Gulf of Alaska; hopefully, a smoother ride on the return trip, and our next attraction tomorrow will be Hubbard Glacier, around 3 p.m. So, we have plenty of time to relax.

Dinner was casual and food was OK. The entertainment show featured Dan Horn, a stand-up Ventriloquist. Generally, this is not our type entertainment, but he was actually quite good.

Stay tuned for glacier tomorrow.

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