Next stop is Gayndah where I needed to stop @ the Big Orange to get my supply of marmalade jam. So upset no jam as the woman that makes it has a sick husband so no jam for awhile - bugger. Anyway we decided to stop in Gayndah for something to eat.

Back on the road again and we decide to stop @ Binjour Range Rest Area for the night. Bob and Dannie are cooking roast pork yum. Mid afternoon the wind picks up and it is getting colder. Trevor is not feeling the best; sneezing, coughing and runny eyes and noise. While I'm feeding him drugs to make him feel better Bob decides to bring out the whiskey bottle - so in no time at all both men are feeling just fine of course Trevor with drugs and booze was feeling great - whiskey bottle is empty.

Getting colder so all have come into our caravan to watch TV - Bob and Trevor sitting up on our bed drinking red wine - spill it and your dead.

Security & Safety Officer Dannie has not checked the lock down for the night and Bobs best trick is to leave the keys in the door of their truck. Must be the wine as Bob has managed to run into his awning twice tonight - tuff head.

Next day we are off to Wuruma Dam but decided to pull into Mundubbera for supplies, while parked on the side of the road waiting for Bob and Dannie to which Trevor is talking to on the CB over the radio comes a voice - is that you Appies - yes - its Paul and Sue on their way to WA. So head down past the turn off and catch up to them on the side of the road - so great to see them, but so jealous that we are not going with them this time.

Back to Mundubbera get our supplies and we are once again on the road again.

Arrive at the dam mid afternoon after stopping to get our wood supply from the side of the road - there are caravans everywhere no sites near the water until the men find out that one van is moving out in the morning so we decide to park on the track for the night.

Next day we move into the site near the water edge and there is plenty of room for both of us - done. The other campers inform us that Sun Water (who manage the land have just put a total ban on lighting fires - great we have all this wood to chop up and store in Bob's trailer. Did I mention that Bob has a new trailer that now pulls behind the RV and that he rearranges the gear inside the trailer at nearly every stopover oh well it gives him something to do beside running into his awning and leaving the keys to the truck in the door all the time.

Time to take the boat down and go hunt for Red Claw so pots are in and it is time for drinks and watching the hundreds of ducks and birds around us.

After three days of hunting but not any gathering it is time to move on.

After pulling out we head up the hill to the toilets (men need to go) we pulled up out the front on the road leaving room for Bob to park behind us but oh dear Bob has decided to take his RV truck into near the toilets not seeing the power line coming from the transmitter on an angler - Trevor is out of our car and yelling at Bob to stop but his hearing aid is not on and he continues on catching the line on the corner of his solar panels which when released made the power pole sway a good 2 metres. And the look on Trevor's face as he thought the transmitter and power pole was going to come down on our caravan. Well after everyone regrouped we are back on the road again.

General comments:

We couldn't get our satellite to work at all so we had no TV first time ever so our next stop will be Biloela while Bob and Dannie do another road side stop.

Bob's daily hitting head on awning arm gives us all something to laugh at.

Dannie has a full time job as security and safety officer, and in charge of keeping the ducks and birds off their ground cover using the broom.

Over at our site I'm busy feeding the ducks and birds not popular with Bob

No Red Claw here!!!

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