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At the entrance of Gold Dredge 8 is a section of the...

Above the ground because of permafrost

Hope you can read this



Looking towards the train station where we'll board the train for our...

We were entertained while waiting for the passengers to load...they were a...

Our guide

Rolling on down the tracks

Running equipment

Our guide jumped off the train to explain how things worked

Sending a bucket on its way


This is like a big power washer, it was used to wash...

I have no clue...LOL

Trying to get a photo of the Gold Dredge

You can see the bucket-line here

This Lady was filling us in on how the Dredge worked &...

Closer look at the bucket-line chain

Demonstration on panning gold - he was also the train engineer

Hard at work....panning for our first million $$$$$$$$

I think ReeAnn gave up on the 1st million & now working... gotta be kidding me look, this is all there is ?

Roger keeping his head down & working hard at it

They had employees running around helping us beginners out

Couldn't quite get the whole dredge into the photo

Heading back to the train

Our entertainment put his guitar away & broke out the fiddle, he...

Goodbye & we're heading for the exit


Old motors & equipment

The end of a great tour

Gold Dredge 8 arrived in the Goldstream Valley in 1928, it had a steel hull, 99 ft.long & 50-ft. wide & was efficient in recovering gold. Bucket-lines were used to dig, each bucket line consisted of 64 buckets & were pinned together in a chain, each bucket weighing 1,500 lbs & could hold 6 cubic ft. of gravel. The bucket-line could dig to a depth of 28 ft. & had a top speed of 22 buckets per minute. It was capable of processing over 6,000 cubic yards of material in a 24 hour shift.

All four of us got a chance to pan some gold, not somethng I'd take up for a living, I got mostly wrinkled fingers, Pete got more gold than I did. Roger & ReeAnn also found some gold....lets just say what we all got...wouldn't buy a weeks worth of groceries....but we had fun.

NOPE ! We're not rich....but love our station in life. We're rich in family & friends

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