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Bus Ride from Airport to Lodge

The Boat

Sea Otter


Grizzly Bear

Humpback Whale Tail

Mountain Goat

Bald Eagle



Gorgeous Area

Cool Glaciers

Took a flight from Juneau to Gustavsus Alaska to see Glacier Bay National Park. This place is awesome. we stayed at the lodge for one night instead of two as our flight on Alaska Airlines was, get this, cancelled due to excessive heat. it was almost 83 degrees but, dang cancelled? Actually we understand that the landing strip goes spongy when the temperature gets over 80, which is unusual. Anyway, we had originally booked two days at the lodge but really only needed one. We took a great hike on the "hard" when we got there. The next morning we took an 8 hour boat tour. It was incredible. We saw all kinds of wild life including: humpback whales, sea otters, moose, grizzly bear, seals, eagles, puffins, mures, ... Then to make it all perfect we saw several awesome glaciers. The high speed catamaran boat was incredibly smooth.

OK, that's the good part of the day. The we were transported back to the airport where we got to experience the worst TSA crew ever. They went thru EVERY piece of luggage personally. We "lost" a Swiss Army knife and out bear air horn. Then the chug-a-lug full flight sat on the tarmac for about forty minutes before takeoff for the 14 minute flight. When we arrived, we learned our luggage did not make the trip with us and we had to leave at the crack the next morning. what a bummer.

Anyway, we had a terrific time in Glacier Bay National Park.

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