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The Gulf of St. Lawrence was frothy this morning.






The Bedeque Bay at Linkletter Provincial Park

Strong wind gusts


Our view of the bridge

On a clear day....







Flagging occurs when trees are exposed to strong winds.

A double!!!

There were strong wind gusts last night. They continued this morning, and rain was forecasted. We wanted to drive to the southern shore to view the Confederation Bridge. When we approached it earlier this week there was no view of it. Because of the gusty wind, we pulled in the slides before we left for the day.

We visited the Linkletter Provincial Park. It was a park I had considered for our stay. The waters of Bedeque Bay of the Northumberland Strait had white caps that looked like snow. Heavy downpours and lightning occurred a short time later. We decided to do our Walmart shopping.

We drove to North Carleton with hope that we might see a fragment of the bridge. The view was minimal.

“The Confederation Bridge is a world engineering feat. It connects Prince Edward Island to the mainland over the Northumberland Strait in the southern part of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. At 12.9 kilometres or 8 miles long it is longest bridge in the world over ice-covered waters. It takes approximately 10 minutes to across. At the highest point, the bridge reaches 60 metres above sea level, which allows large sea vessels, including cruise ships, to navigate under the bridge between its piers.”

We leave PEI tomorrow. The visit has been very enjoyable. We had no idea this island was so big. When planning, I naively thought we would tour the northern coast from west to east. travel that is 170 miles from tip to tip. Much of it is not on the coast. PEI is definitely a place where one could spend weeks upon weeks. We’ve seen farmland and the coast. We are satisfied. We did not learn about the fishing industry so we will remain curious about that.

Our travels take us to Nova Scotia for the weekend.

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