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203 miles to Hope, Arizona just past Quartzsite

Coachella Valley

Colorado River, Arizona border

Welcome to Arizona

quartzsite ahead

Campers in the desert near Quartzsite

Vendors and RV parking in Quartzsite

Just past Quartzsite

Heading north east to Hope, AZ

There are many RV parks along the way

Our Campground

"Beyond Hope"

Russel and Louise

Our view of Salome Arizona

Checking out the local metal artist

What fun and imaginative items

Large and small, painted and rusted

Plants and Ko Ko Peli

and Dinosaurs

Clever Iguana

Another artist does large pieces

Memorial to victims of 9-11

Steel beam from the twin towers

Amusing history of Salome

Went for a drive over to Parker, AZ

Heading for the Parker Elks Lodge and lunch in town

Parker Elks Lodge

Daisy was on the dash waiting for our return

Daisy had so much fun with this little Yorkie

Time to head back to California

Arizona has such interesting mountains

Goodbye Arizona, hello California

Crossing the Colorado River

State Line in the middle of the river

Agricultural Station asks where we have been

San Jacinto Mountains are snow topped

Finally got the air horn issue fixed and got ready to leave on January 21st. We were delayed 1.5 hrs due to air bag leveling not working. There is always something to go wrong, but it wasn't bad.

We finally left for Hope AZ, which is about 30 miles past Quartzsite. We found out that some friends from Oregon were camped there for the winter, so decided to go there and see them, and make a trip into Quartzsite to shop. As usual we stopped at Ehrenberg for cheap diesel fuel and quick lunch at Subway.

From Quartzsite to Hope we were amazed at how many little RV parks there were along this highway before arriving in Hope at Ramblin' Roads RV Park. Upon arrival we found there to be NO CELL service and bad WiFi. I had just one bar on my phone, enough to be able to text my sister that I wouldn't be able to call Mother for a couple days.

We had a nice visit with Russel and Louise and their friends. The next day we drove to Quartzsite to visit the big RV Vendor Tent and a little of the adjacent Flea Market for a little shopping.

The rest of the afternoon we drove around Salome, AZ. with Louise showing us the area. There was a shop with metal sculptures, some from a local artist and more items from Mexico. I was looking for some metal flowers because ours had rusted out, but they didn't have exactly what I wanted. I'll have to wait until next year.

The next day we decided to go for a drive to visit the Parker, AZ. Elks lodge. Off we went on a small road through the desert with some interesting landscape. After visiting the lodge and obtaining my lodge pin, we ate lunch at the local diner.

Back at camp with Russ and Louise and their friends, Daisy had some great play time with a little Yorkie. Those two kept us in stitches for quite a while with their antics.

On January 24th, we hugged everyone and said our goodbyes and with full fuel tanks at the border, headed back to Silent Valley. Since we're not traveling much this year, the fuel should last a while. Diesel is so much more expensive in California.

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