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Happy 4th of July from Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia, Canada!

I left at 8:00 am to have my hair French braided for our excursion day in Prince Rupert. Oksana (from Ukraine) in the Canyon Spa Ranch Salon did an excellent job! She made an S curve braid with a swirl at the end even with my short hair!

Dean woke up while I was getting my hair done and left to go smoke on deck 9 at the pool starboard side aft.

Denham delivered our breakfast while we were both out of the room. He came back and checked when we just finished eating to make sure we had been able to get our breakfast.

At 11:00 am, the Oceania Regatta docked at Prince Rupert Harbour. We disembarked shortly after. We went to the Art Gallery and glanced around in there quickly. Then we went next door to the Seahorse shop and got a trinket or Dad, Mom, Sandy, and Silvia. Dad and Mom simply because they are Dad and Mom and they get something from Alaska and Canada. Sandy and Silvia because they get something from Canada instead of Alaska. We tried to find a skunk and sunscreen but the shop had neither.

There were so many eagles flying around the harbour area! Our excursion required us to be at the sign on the port by 11:50 am and when we got back over there it was a big line. There ended up being 48 people on this excursion! Quite a change from the mere 7 that were on the Totem Pole & Potlatch Park excursion yesterday in Sitka, Alaska.

81 degrees in Prince Rupert today with beautiful sunny sky! Unheard of in Prince Rupert. The bus ride was about 45 minutes up to the area where we would take the Wilderness Jet Boat Adventure with Kermodei Adventures.

Jet boat - skimmed water in fast moving boat and went into an area of the river untouched by people. Saw glaciers and waterfalls. doTerra all natural oils mosquito spray.

Ate salmon grilled in foil packets on an open wood fire. Had cold pasta salad and cole slaw and brownies and maple and nut tartlets. Also had coffee and bottled cold water.

Went on nature hike for 20 minutes. Shared mosquito spray with two ladies during walk.

Scurvy Dog place with couple that had german shepherd mix dog.

Cowpuccino coffee shop - cowpuccino and espresso machiatto and cowball (chocolate energy ball)

Eagle sitting in tree outside of coffee shop that 2 guys told us about.

Rainbow bridge and colored flowers

Lira dogs

Crabbing operation and forklifts

Dinner Terrace Café - fresh halibut on grill with rosemary bundle soaked in olive oil. French chef, Frederick. Pisco, server.

Left Prince Rupert during dinner.

Talked with David and Sherry about photography and XO cruise photo we missed yesterday. Sherry took great photo of eagle catching a fish.

Dean feeling stuffy. Took hot salt bath.

Read through disembarkation information for tomorrow night and Friday morning. We still have to figure out how we are getting from the Cruise Terminal to the Airport on Friday morning.

Sunset around 10:00 pm and at 11:30 pm it is still light outside!

Watched bear video.

Saw Venus.

Watched video on earthquakes.

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