50th Anniversary Trip June and July 2018 travel blog

Eagle just after catching fish

Mountains we couldn’t see on way to Homer

Mountains across Cook’s Inlet

ATV trails along Highway

We went back out to beach at Anchor Point and as we crossed the Anchor River an eagle caught a fish and promptly set on the rock and ate it.

There was a lot of boat launch activity at the beach and I took some photos launching a boat with the tide out. I didn’t upload them, but have them.

We went to Sunday school, church and fellowship dinner at the Nazarene church at Anchor Point. This was a highlight of the day.

We retraced our route as we traveled toward Whittier. There was a lot af fishing activity and traffic along Cooper Landing. Traffic was very heavy and slow the closer we got to the Whittier turn-off so we decided not to go to the wildlife refuge, which was a short distance beyond.

We arrived at the tunnel (the only way to drive to Whittier) and had to wait a half hour before entering it. It has a published schedule so we could have known when we would have needed to be there, but we had an opportunity to look at glaciers while waiting, I don’t know how long the tunnel is (found out later about 2.5 miles) but it took us about 6 minutes at 20-25 mph to complete the trip. This tunnel was originally rail only but has had concrete surface added such that you can drive one lane of traffic through. Toll was $13.

Whittier is a fishing town, our host and family moved here 28 years ago from Minnesota. They fish and it sounds like they love it. You would have to be a fisherman to want to live here. No fine dining here, but you can have some fresh seafood here as well as other foods.

We stayed at a former military housing building that is 14 stories high and 190 rooms. Our place was on the 14th floor and was nice.

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