Campbell's Maritime Province Trip June/July 2018 travel blog

Snail tracks in sand at low tide in Bay of Fundy

Ready to sail to see whales

At Sea in Bay of Fundy

Seals basking on rock

Campground view from sailboat

View of Bay of Fundy from our campsite

Preparing to dine on my first poutine - a Canadian specialty

Poutine from Tim Horton

Pondering the taste of poutine :)

June 21 – St. Andrews - Sailboat Ride to View Whales in Bay of Fundy and Poutine Tasting

We had the morning off and took a walk on the sand and rocky beach across from our campsite at low tide. The sand was crisscrossed with hundreds of snail tracks. They were heading out to sea apparently.

In the afternoon, we boarded a sailboat to visit the Bay of Fundy in hopes of viewing whales and other sea life.

The boat only used a front sail and a engine to propel us. It was windy but the sea was not rough so none of us became nauseous.

We viewed Minke whales as they came up to breath before diving again in search of small krill that they collect in their baleen krill sieves. The thin ribs of the baleen have hair-like strands that let the sea water with krill enter the whales mouth but prevent the krill from exiting when the whale discharges the water out of its mouth. The whales then use their tongue to sweep the krill off and swallow the tiny animals.

There were also seals resting on the exposed rocks and some porpoise could be seen briefly. One of the guides spotted a shark but we missed seeing it.

As a birthday celebration, we dined at Tim Horton’s Restaurant and I ordered my first ever poutine – a Canadian edible tradition. The poutine consists of a group of French fries and some cheese curds covered with a coating of thick gravy. The young server shared in confidence that if we wanted real poutine, that we should eat at the restaurant in downtown St. Andrews. : )

Before we leave Canada, I will order another dish of poutine so that I can at least have a sample of 2 to really evaluate the goodness of the dish.

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