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Dear all,

We flew into London and are staying with Paul's brother Phillip and wife Sue. The flight from Oslo gave us a few laughs. Paul kept setting off the security, 3 times, so he was chosen to go through the body scanner. Then when he got through they were holding his carry on bag. And had it open going through it, rescanning it and then handed everything back to him in a tray and he had to repacked it. I set the alarm off because the blouse I was wearing had glass studd decorations. Had a nice rest in the lounge then realised that we had been given separate seats. Tried to change them but no go. Great flight. We were given fast track pass through immigration, but it was longer than the regular line as we watched people go through. When we got to get the luggage our bags were two of 5 left on the carousel. Talk about a laugh.

Will write again tomorrow when we start our new tour. Hope you have a good laugh at our expense.

Kind regards,

Paul and Dianne.

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