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June 21, Wednesday

We are back where we started in Amsterdam. Must get our new sea cards from guest services, settle up our onboard bill, go to immigration at 9am, and special dinner for those staying aboard.

Got our new cards in 10 minutes, our on board bill was a credit balance of $343. I won $150 playing Bingo and the next cruise drawing for $300. So we got money refunded. Tomorrow I can put it towards our UK ship board expenses, which will consist of water, a 12 pack of Diet Coke, and bingo possibly more of those $10 t shirts we have no room for.

By 8am I think we all knew Dick had to see a the doctor. I went to customer service, they said we could see him in 15 minutes. It is on the 2nd floor in the front of the ship. You have to take an elevator back by the spa. We were met by a male nurse from South Africa with a British accent. He was impressed by my complete medical report and prescription list for my husband. The doctor,Swedish from Stockholm determined he needed a breathing treatment with medication right away and hooked him up. It was reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs as I watched him breath through the mask. He was given a Z pack and cough syrup told to come back after the lift boat drill for another breathing treatment. Then they would decide if he needed the steroid pack.

Immigration took 2.5 hours not 20 minutes.

We played Apple to Apple in the card room while Dick slept on 3 chair seats in line.

Our life boat drill was out side in the wind, rain, and cold but I was holding the breathing apparatus for his next treatment so they let us wait in theater. The handicap cruisers were allowed to leave first ,we did too. Avoiding everyone going to their rooms at the same time.

I found out during all of this that because Royal Caribbean is in Miami the bill from Medical on the ship is paid by you but printed on the appropriate Medicare forms to submit for reimbursement at the rate Medicare pays. Our total bill was $329 with meds and 4 breathing treatments. Two more tomorrow. Already feeling so much better. Chas he is doing fine.

We are now headed around the United Kingdom.

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