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Finally arrived in South Dakota and we’re getting closer to fishing. Lost some time on our trip out of Nebraska. We have decided it might be time to sell our boat, so Roger put some for sale signs on it while we were in Fremont. He forgot to take them off before we hit the road and while driving through Columbus, a couple flagged us down. Seems our boat is just exactly what they’ve been looking for. The wife did most of the looking/talking because her husband just had a knee replacement and couldn’t get around very well. She really liked it and wanted to buy it right on the spot, but he wouldn’t let her until he could check it out for himself. So, if we still have it when we go back to Nebraska, he’s going to check it out and probably buy it. That’s a ways down the road, though, so for now, we’re heading to Fort Thompson.

The other funny thing about this stop was that the doctor who did the man’s knee surgery was William Singer. He just happens to be the surgeon who did my first hip replacement. What a small world it is!

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