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the old church at Vilia was cute

like yesteryear

Athens Airport was the main target for the day but on the way we investigated the Korinthia Canal which was brilliant. Being able to 'walk the plank' over it was a great way to appreciate its size. In ancient times ropes and logs were used to haul boats the 8 klms from one water's edge to the other before the canal was built.

The time had arrived to drop our special friends at their airport hotel to prepare for their flight home. The nine days sharing the travels through part of Greece went all too quickly but it had been fun exploring the many historical sites and beautiful scenery.

Thanks for spending time with us John and Gayle, we look forward to catching up with you again later in the year.

Our stopover for the night was in Vilia, a very pretty village in the hills one hour outside Athens.

While there in a cafe having our usual coffee hit we found ourselves surrounded by tables laid out with biscuits and cognac. Sadly, none was on ours. We felt left out until learning that the locals would arrive soon from church for a memorial gathering on the 48th day after losing a friend.

What a nice custom.

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