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Day 27. Hong Kong - Brisbane

14/6/18. Thursday. Wet, Stormy, then sunny!!

After boarding the plane in Hong Kong, we sat, and sat, and sat. For just over 2 hours. Because of the stormy weather which delayed our landing in Hong Kong, it also delayed our take-off. We were warned that when we finally got in the air we could expect a lot of turbulence all the way to Australia. I was a little concerned, but then reminded myself that we were flying with the worlds safest airline Qantas, so that helped. The pilot announced that Sydney had been talking with them to see if an alternate route could be found, but to no avail. Apparently this weather was very wide-spread. Finally, we joined the queue and 15-20 minutes later we were on our way. It was very bumpy for the first 15 minutes, then settled enough for dinner - a very late dinner by now - to be served. We both only had the noodles for a main, skipping all the extras. Well, I did have a small ice-cream, but that doesn’t count. Time finally to settle for sleep - then announcement for seatbelts on and crew to be seated - more turbulence. These announcements continued on and off all night, even when we flew over Darwin this morning. Finally probably west of Cairns, smooth flying! We finally landed 2.5 hours later than scheduled, in beautiful sunny, warm Brisbane.

The captain/flight crew were excellent throughout the flight and kept us updated with weather and what to expect. It was probably one of the most turbulent and unpleasant flights I’ve been on, but as I’ve been reminded, we arrived safe and sound and that’s all that matters.

The end!!

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