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The lovely light - not cheap

The sun is setting

Night bouchee

16th Arrondissement building

A coffee and we were away at 1000hrs for the Metro to Port Dauphine at the top of the 16th Arrondissement. It’s another walkathon to fill in the gaps we didn’t cover yesterday.

The first impressive building we came upon was the club Saint James Park. This enclosed, previous stately home has retained it’s image to make it well suited as an exclusive facility for those who have the means.

The streets we wandered offered buildings with a wide variety of design features of window treatments, balcony metalware and rooflines which appealed to us. The clothing shops showed no franchise allegiance suggesting choice in style and fashion is everything for the store owners.

A furniture store caught our attention and about half an hour of our time. Once again the choice, originality and style were impressive. The store offered design services for individual items of furniture which would suit those willing and able to pay. An LED light of original and impressive design at 3400€ was very much to our liking; so ends that thought.

We had a late morning break for a sandwich and coffee at a Patisserie within a rarely seen shopping arcade. The impressive feature of the Patisserie was the presentation of the sandwich filling. All components were fully assembled, (cheese on salad on jambon) and then inserted into bread of choice and heated or not. This allowed us to see all the ingredients for quality and quantity before deciding. The service from the friendly and helpful waitress was noteworthy.

We took the opportunity when crossing Porte Maillot for the second time in two days to visit the Palais des Congres. This very large modern building offers the same stores as the shopping centres we are used to and are of a very high standard; the prices are a different story.

Place Victor Hugo, Mexico and Pompe with their multiple intersecting roads and interesting stores and restaurants were of considerable interest also. Crowded with the lunchtime crowd they had a real vibrance.

A unique feature of living in cities like Paris is the need for external vehicle mounted elevators to complete renovations or the delivery of large household items. I’m not sure of the safety criteria for passing pedestrians but my fear for one operating today was justified when the authorities appeared in force; the operator had quite some explaining to do.

A rose break at Fontaine Wallace on Avenue des Ternes was essential before taking the Metro from Argentine to Saint Paul’s. A lovely cheese and a baguette completed our needs for evening drinks. Kaye’s had a minor run in with the green grocer for handling the tomato she wanted to buy which didn’t make her happy ( we knew the rule; just not thinking). We were back “ home” just after 1530hrs.

Not to let the night pass and to have my daily ice cream, we wandered the two islands circumnavigating both. A wine stop and a large group playing bouchée in Place Dauphine was enough of an excuse to take a break. A prison van and police escort reminded us that we were in the area of the Palace of Justice.

We completed our walk along the restaurant strip on Rue de Rivoli by the Hotel de Ville where at 2230hrs large groups we still eating and drinking. We were in bed by 2300hrs more then tired.

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