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Traditional Shoes - gotta get a pair for each of my boys!

The romance and mystery of Casablanca was somewhat offset by the issues of finding the right visa line to stand in and getting out of the airport. The nearly two hours wait (at least one hour unnecessarily) gave plenty of time to check out our fellow travelers dressed for the holiday Ramadan. I snapped a photo of some way cool traditional red shoes. After leaving the airport, we were stuck in a huge traffic jam delaying our arrival to the city made famous by Ingrid Bergman and Bogie. The drive through town didn't do much to improve my first impressions of Casablanca. Buildings and sidewalks seem neglected and no sign of any improvements being made. Our hotel is lovely, modern and comfortable by any standard. We were exhausted from the 12 hours of traveling and we fell into the comfortable bed for a nap. We knew restaurants would not open for dinner until late because of Ramadan but when we went out around 8:30 pm the streets were still deserted and no restaurants were open. It's interesting to be in a country where a different religion rules. After walking around a while we came back to the bar in the hotel for a couple of tapas (bocherones, potato tortilla and tomato salad) which were delicious as was our breakfast this morning. I awoke around 4 am which is 7 am in Israel and lay awake until time for coffee. Oddly, the city was quiet. I awake every morning in Jerusalem to the sound of the muezzin and here I heard nothing. Could be I slept through it because we have AC here in the hotel and open windows in Jerusalem. But it seemed odd all the same. We are hoping to get in some sight seeing today including the Hassan II Mosques which is the only one non-Muslims can visit but today being the last day of Ramadan (I think) we may not be able to get in and we may not find a restaurant open for lunch. Glad I packed those peanuts! :) We have Erev Shabbat plans with friends who will meet us at the synagogue and then have us to their home for dinner.

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