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beach breaks were always great

a sign of the times

what! .... no shops?

it was great to see the flag of Oz flying high in...

a brilliant 'privacy screen' for Gilli

Augustus-Johnnie XXXXXXXVI ..... not yet in stone

ancient cell phone user

Olympus was great to explore

the original running track almost got Gilli started

so much to see wherever you looked

one of our favourite eateries in Olympia

very athletic, now let's have a drink !

let's all do a few laps around the Olympic site !

there were amazing items on display in the Archimedes Museum

The day's drive took us through Arta and Patras before finally arriving in the really pretty town of Olympia. With only 8,ooo residents it certainly had a 'family' feel and everyone seemed friendly. None more so than the operators of one of our favourite eateries, Zeus.

The Aussie-Greek family made us extremely welcome.

The enormous archeological site of the original Olympic games was our focus and it was brilliant. It was a great feeling to walk through areas where ancient athletes and spectators gathered including the original running course and also where 'the' flame was lit.

A line of pedestals on which statues once stood proved very interesting. It turns out that much cheating went on during those ancient games and when caught out the culprits were heavily fined which in turn financed many statues of 'dear emperor'.

Not really sure why the Archimedes Museum was located in Olympia however it was very interesting. With many renditions of his achievements on display it was enlightening to see how they formed the basis of what we take for granted today.

When G & G get together shopping is a certainty, and it was.

In one location the owner declared herself “fat enough to block the view” as Gilli performed a number of 'try-ons'. If that's not customer service, what is ?

Next stop, Korinthia.

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