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16th Arrondissement apartments

Apartments overlooking old railway line and park

Night cruises on the Seine

We awoke today to our 70th non continuous day in Paris with a nice feeling for a city with so many points of interest and an atmosphere of both busy and calm. Over our time the city crowd has grown, not only with tourists but locals creating new and varied restaurants and other shopping experiences. It truly is a pulsating city like few others.

Our brief experience of visiting Saint Germain yesterday for the “umpteeth” time was a reminder to us of its many hidden and concealed charms; even when it’s drizzling rain.

In search of a very different experience today, we set off to visit Fort d’Ivry in the south of the city. It was at this fort which was used by the Germans post the 1870 war to support the armistice that the last two military executions by fire squad were performed. Unfortunately, the failure to fully understand the timetable of RER line C had us overshoot the planned stop. This required us to retrace our steps and in doing so decided not to visit the Fort and continued on to Metro stop Avenue President Kennedy where we disembarked to walk the 16th Arrondissement.

Once again, we had done this area before and set off on a new course to cross the north of the Arrondissement. We followed the line of the river Seine before heading for Michel Ange Auteuil where we purchased a sandwich and fruit slice for lunch. This was consumed on a bench by the Metro entrance before we retired to a nearby Cafe for a coffee.

Our path took us along Avenue Mozart which is dominated by high quality shops and restaurants. The apartment complexes are more uniform, substantial and better decorated than other Arrondissements that we have seen. We are of the opinion that the wealth of this area is more obvious than many others.

When we reached La Muette, we took the line of Boulevard Emile Augier and Flandrin to Avenue Foche. This line is along a disused rail line that is now car parks and gardens. The Apartments overlooking the boulevards are impressive to say the least and continue to confirm the belief that that area is relatively wealthy.

The final leg of our walk which has all been within the 16th Arrondissement was to Porte Maillot. This Metro station is presently surrounded by a major construction project of such proportions that a portable concrete processing plant is on site. The area is also dominated by the modern Palais des Congres which is also quite impressive.

We were thankful that we were on Metro Line One as it gave us a direct run to our Saint Paul station. An Interesting observation of this lengthy metro run was the disinclination of younger people to give up their seats to elderly ladies.

On reaching St Paul, we purchased the necessary groceries needed for tonight’s dinner of ribs. Tired from our walk, we were back in the apartment to rest by 1630hrs..

At 1920 hrs while the sky was overcast and threatening, we walked the area of the Marais to checkout a restaurant for tomorrow night noting Les Philosophes was as busy as usual while Le Colimacon was only half filled. We continued our walk to Ile Saint Louis and found others with considerable appeal. It started to spit as I was having my regular Amorino ice cream on the island which necessitated a quick trip back to the apartment. A stop at the super market to buy Vanish to soak Kaye’s slacks was the only delay to our 2150 hrs return.

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