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The Pantheon

The pendulum clock - fascinating

The Bridge now without the love locks

A different type of selfie

Breakfast of coffee in the apartment was supplemented by two pastries from our new favourite Patisserie on Ile Saint Louis as we headed to the Pantheon.; a monument that we have visited briefly twice before. We were tracing much of the territory we crossed yesterday however we were seeing even more which is what we believe Paris is all about. Our pastries were consumed on the Pont Saint Louis where we had watched the inline skaters last evening.

The Pantheon is not only an impressive structure but a true model of France’s independence from the Catholic Church. Previously built and remodelled by Louis 15th to the Saint Genevieve, it was converted post the Republican revolution into a Pantheon to hold the remains of those who contributed to the greatness of France; people like Madame Currie and Peter Currie.

The audio was essential for the tour which also included a visit to the very cool climate crypt. We spent about 90 minutes admiring the building and learning from the audio.

When we emerged, it was raining and well into the lunch hour. We had planned another visit to the wonderful Jardin du Luxembourg however we were ambushed by the Au Pere Louis restaurant where we decided upon lunch. It was a nice little restaurant with plenty of ambience, our service was tipable and our shared lunch of a salad and a cassoulet was one of the best this trip. The Cotes Provence rose was also very acceptable.

After a rather longish lunch we wandered the back streets of Saint Germaine de Pres finding many previous unfound streets even more interesting than we had witnessed before. We need even more time to cover this area which I believe has grown in popularity more than many others.

Quite surprisingly we found another Mark’s and Spencer’s store where we discovered our favourite pre cooked meal of ribs. They are now in the fridge awaiting their downfall.

The final stop on our return leg was to the now more than revered Patisserie on Ile Saint Louis for the nightly baguette. Its’ status enhanced even higher when Kaye acquired the freshest of fresh and hottest of hot baguettes. We were back at the apartment by 1600hrs where we had a wine and relaxed for the rest of the day.

TV coverage is limited and CNN we’re providing comprehensive coverage of the failed G7 conference and the up coming meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un. The PM of Singapore Loong when interviewed amongst a bevy of commentators and leaders was most impressive; politically aware and balanced in his responses.

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