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Damage to the cargo trailer

Set up in Lamesa, TX

Can you find the"Crispy Critters" purple bus?

Day 2 20180609 0930-1900

436 miles

Woke up around 0600 to adventure number 3, a text from Marty saying that there was no water back at home. We called her and Kurt talked her through troubleshooting the electric at the well. She even used his multimeter! The troubleshooting pointed to the pressure switch at the well being bad. We called a well drilling company to come and make the repair before Marty had to leave for work. Dealing with issues in Arizona while in New Mexico via the internet and cell phone caused a late start (0930). Thankfully we have plenty of travel time and are not rushed.

We stopped for lunch at a dirt frontage area in front of a business surrounded by chain link at the outskirts of a town (did not make note of town). Decided that Kathy would drive for a while after we got going again so Kurt could get some rest, the deal being that Kurt had to get the rig back on the road . Out of consideration to the long line of traffic coming down the road, when Kurt made the right turn back onto the road, Kurt made it a tight turn onto the shoulder. This led to adventure number 4. The right turn was too tight and we managed to drive the right front corner of the cargo trailer into the right rear of the RV. Just some scratches on the RV, but mashed in the corner of the cargo trailer. Cracked open the corner fairly well. No damage to the bikes inside the trailer.

Kathy took over driving, as agreed, even though her hands were shaking. She drove for two hours, stopping at a rest area to switch drivers. The route headed farther north of the border. It seemed that the farther from the border we got, the more traffic we saw (still not heavy traffic).

We stopped for the night in Lamesa, TX @ 1900. A Google search of free campgrounds near Lamesa, TX showed a city park that allowed camping up to 4 nights for free, water and electric included. We found the park and sure enough there was a sign welcoming campers to stay for free, donations accepted. There was another truck double pulling (truck, 5th wheel, open trailer with a side-by-side) already camping. There was also a truck with an empty long gooseneck, and a travel trailer. The positioning of the various vehicles made it difficult to figure out where and how to set up our extra long rig. As we were standing around discussing pros and cons of different ways, the passenger of the truck with the gooseneck said they were only there for a short nap and we could have where they were. Thought that would be a perfect place because it was right by what was advertised as a 50 amp RV outlet. There was a 50 amp outlet, but the receptacle was for an appliance, not an RV! While we were discussing what to do, the gentleman with the other double pulling rig said that it would be fine no matter how we parked, we would not inconvenience anyone. This was his fourth time staying there and we were the first other people he had seen. After he left to walk his dog, a motorhome pulled up. We discussed camping parallel to each other so we would not take up too many spaces. Ended up that some of the electric did not work, so that plan was out. Then a purple school style bus pulled up. There was only one “Crispy Critter” in it. He did not need any connections, so it did not matter where he parked. Then another couple bumper pull travel tailers pulled in, one of them parking parallel to the double pull that was there first.

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