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The Family at Place Des Vosges

Art on Rue de Rivoli

Damian’s Birthday cake

We were up early and down to the Boulangerie for the bread and pastries and ready to receive by 0845hrs. I met Damian, Reinette , Pipa and Josh as they emerged from the Metro. We had a relaxing breakfast catching up on the news - I cant’t recall an occasion where everyone drank so much coffee in one sitting.

After cleaning up, we undertook a lengthy walk to the Place Des Vosges and then through the area of the Marais, Les Halles and Hotel de Ville. We stopped soon after for a rose break. Our walk continued through the Louvre stopping regularly for Josh to have some lunch, a walk and to have a run around. We made it to the Élysées Palace before deciding to take the metro back to the apartment for nibbles and a drink.

Kaye arranged a birthday dinner for Damian as we only became aware of the occasion during our walk. This included a cream caramel birthday cake with one candle for Josh to blow out. The lack of fire lighting material to light the candle required a paper hand towel and the toaster - very primitive!

The family left at 2000hrs to get Josh home and to bed. He didn’t cry or carry on once all day which was remarkable for a two year old.

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