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Kaye at Garnier

Ceiling of the auditorium

Armed with all my throw away coins to buy this mornings baguette, I was greeted by my friendly Boulanger with a “ going home today? ” - it sounded like he gets to experience the odd traveller or two clearing their shrapnel before leaving Europe.

This morning we visited the Palais Garnier for the third time in the past 40 years arriving at 1030hrs. We avoided the guided tour and elected the hour long personal audio tour. It proved to be a good decision as tour groups were prolific and crossing paths with the herds was a regular occurrence.

Much is written on the significance of the building that took 14 years to complete from 1861. While it should be researched before hand, the audio and video coverage is very comprehensive. The magnificence of the building is very obvious and it was nearly two hours before we completed our tour. Many photo’s were taken but not to the standard as those obtainable from the Web.

We were quite exhausted after our visit but decided to walk the 4 kms back to the apartment stopping only for a sandwich and wine and to buy a prepared meal for tonight. We were back at the apartment by 1430 hrs for the regular rest.

Nephew Damian rang late afternoon to indicate baby Josh was in need of sleep and that he would ring later to arrange a get together in the morning. We continued our lazy life until then.

Damian rang later that evening to make the arrangement to visit here for breakfast 0830-0900hrs. We made a trip to the our Intermarche Express super market on Rue Antione for supplies and then completed other preparation. We were unable to buy alcohol as it was after 9pm - interesting regulation!

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