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Up at 4:30 am so we could walk to Central Station and get on the train for Paris at 6:16am. We are old but determined. For a brief moment panic set in, the codes printed on our tickets were not letting everyone through an entry gate. We then used Dick’s and the rest of us ran through with the SOS buzzer ringing and flashing. Luckily the security guards were changing shifts. It took a group effort to figure out that we were in car 18 with seat assignments to be boarded under the letter R. The train was a hoot ,we were running on adrenaline and none of us sleep during the three hours it took to get to Paris except Mary who finally crashed. That terminal was gigantic and we could not get our return tickets to print. So I was taken to the stand in line at the office of tickets that do not print. A young French man with breath that could knock out an elephant and make a lesser woman gag. Looked at them on a computer said they were good but would not print. Wrote our seat assignments on the top and sent me on my way.

Exiting the train station was soooooo exciting. We bought tickets for the hop on an off bus. The sight seeing was good on every street, better than I could of imagined. The Louve, Opera House, the buildings, the extreme traffic of buses, cars, bikes and scooters. The stores Louie Viton next to a Levis store. Gucci’s and H&M. The arch......and then a glimpse of the Effiel Tower. I am not sure how the others felt but my husband took my hand and squeezed it and said “ never thought this old boy be in Paris with his wife seeing the Effiel Tower, thank you.” Eviidently we are not yet jaded travelers.

Had a bizarro lunch of sandwiches on those long crusty rolls, Frits ( fries) and plenty of “Still” water as opposed to sparkling. After a full day we returned to the train station about 5 pm only to fine out our return train did not depart until 735pm. The entire place was under construction with no place to sit. Finally some wooden cubes were open to sit on. The .7 euro ea. had been paid so we could use the bathroom. As we sat a security guard put a chock hold on a young man behind Dick and watched a five man arrest take place chasing 3 others down, throwing one to the floor. It was a gang stealing bags and wallets. That was the grand finale......or so we thought. Remember the “no tickets printed.” They looked up the code so getting on the train was no problem but you need to get through the same gates to get out as you do to get in and normally you use the same ticket. We once again used the two that worked while the other three ran through the gate and the buzzers ringing and the SOS flashing. We took off laughing moving as fast as our dead tired bodies would take us.Got to the hotel by midnight.

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