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Marchel Saint Cyr burial site

Le Bataclan

Two nice cheeses

While I was up early with breakfast prepared, Kaye was dragging the chain having read into the early morning hours. In the intervening time, I explored the nearby shops for particular cheeses recommended by my big brother. I have found one of the four and was told two are no more - not sure what that means so I will keep looking.

We departed at 1100hrs and took the metro to Nation and then to Pte de Montreuil to view the often spoken about Marche Aux Puces; the flea market. I had not checked to see if it was open, which it was not. There was no great concern and we immediately set off to walk the 2.3 km to the Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise. This is the largest cemetery in Paris proper and has over one million guests dating back to 1804 including many of political and military significance. The exercise is to walk the cemetery to identify many of the famous graves; Chopin, Morrison or even Marshall of the Empire Michel Ney. We were more than content to walk the area and note the crypts, to read the headstone’s and sense the solemnity of the area. On the way Kaye stopped to purchase a pair of blue and white slacks while I checked out the local open air market

Our next leg was the 1.8km walk to Le Bataclan Theatre, the major scene of the 2015 Paris Massacre. This distinctively painted building has a simple plaque recognising the death of 84 people in the theatre. We plan to visit the other locations associated with the massacre before we leave.

Feeling the effects of the walk, we returned the 1.3 km to the apartment direct for a snack and afternoon rest. We had had purchased the second of the four cheeses on our way to Le Bataclan.

The snack of the cheeses decided that both were excellent however the top prize went to the Epoisses de Bourgogne over the Tallegio.

At 1900 hrs we walked to the French/Thai restaurant Au Petit Thai for dinner. We started with a shared prawn entree, Kaye had the Crying Tiger ( beef) and I had the minced duck. This proved to be a lesson in the acceptability of real Asian cuisine to the European palate. We felt the Asian flavours were completely missing as the flavour of spices, even chilli, was completely missing. There was no more flavour than the more subtle French cuisine.

On the return trip to the apartment we purchased breakfast goodies for the morning.

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