John and Janet 2018 Montana travel blog

Hwy 16 Bridge

Hwy 16 Bridge

80 Miles Per Hour

South Dakota

South Dakota

First Glimpse

The Badlands

The Badlands

Bike Is Out

It Starts

First Stop

We leave our campground and cross the iconic Hwy 16 Bridge to Oacoma. We stop at Al’s Oasis.

Not stopping at Al’s would be like not stopping at South of the Border. There have been a lot of signs. We chat with the store clerk, a biker, a veteran and a woman interested in our RV. It is a good start to the day.

It is about two hours to Interior. Most of the run is at eighty miles per hour. That’s the speed limit.

We gain an hour. We are now in Mountain Time.

We drive through a section of the Badlands National Park to get to our campground. The scenery is magnificent. Although, there is one section of “Rough Road” that caught us off guard.

At the campground, we get the bike out. The vacation part of our road trip has begun.

After cleaning everything up, we head back into the park. We need to stop at the visitor center. I get my first passport stamp of the trip.

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