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Getting a taxi last night was a mission! Was raining (monsoon rain - in case I haven't mentioned it, we are at the tail end of the monsoon). Every bastard thought we were stupid and were charging ridiculous prices for a taxi. One doesn't get us for R150 so they yell down the line telling everyone not to do it for any less. In the end managed to get an autorickshaw - me, Heath, 2 packs, 2 rollmats, 2 daybags and 2 'handbags' - I was pissing myself it was that funny. We were not so confident when we started going through the slums at 10:30pm. Later found out the river is flooded (that would be because of the monsoon) so we had to go the long way.

Didn't do much today - had a long walk to find the tourist office - which we didn't find. Had brunch at a great place - although it did not take long to work its way through!

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