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Longing for the open roads of Saskatchewan!

June 2nd

Today we enter the toxic wasteland of Toronto (Bill’s words not mine). As we get closer to the city the roads get bigger and faster the traffic increases exponentially. We run into our first navigation problem which is of our own making. We entered the wrong address into Edith (our GPS) for the conservation area we are camping at for the next week. As we travelled farther and farther east on the 401 we realised something is not right. However changing your mind in the middle lane of 12 lanes of traffic on the 401 is no small task. Every attempt to move over to an exit lane is met with heavy traffic moving fast and no one wants to let you in, or they think if they slow down to 120km/hr you should be able to squeeze into a one car length space. We felt and drove like country bumpkins with disgusted looks from everyone around us (of course maybe it was our British Columbia licence plate that caused that). We survived and got back on track and made our way to our campsite. My first request was a glass of scotch to settle my nerves! Considering we are inside the city limits this is a very nice campground with hot showers facilities, laundry a pool and very clean grounds. My brother has given us the loan of a vehicle to use while we are here which makes getting around so much easier. Even Bowie doesn’t seem to mind the back of the hatchback.

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