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Chutes rapids

Fields of Trilliums

Start of the foggy crossing

Lighthouse off Tobermory

May 31st

Today is the day we have chosen the routing that will take us from Espanola to South Baymouth for the ferry to Tobermory. It is a route neither Bill nor I have ever done before and we are excited about the opportunity to see something new in southern Ontario. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t cooperate and it is very windy and foggy. As we board the ferry you can only see about 15-20 m. off the side of the ship. It is probably one of the roughest ferry crossings I have ever experienced and there were sick bags positioned strategically in all the lounges and unfortunately some people needed them. It was disappointing that we could not see a thing from the ferry so being a seasoned ferry traveller myself I slept. Poor Bowie was in the van and was pitched and tossed around and we could do nothing to help him as we were not permitted below deck….shades of the crossing to Newfoundland. Landing in Tobermory was magical it was as if the weather gods decided the trip should not be a write off after all and there was hot sunshine and clear skies as we left the ship. Our stop tonight is at the Bruce Peninsula National park. This is our first National Park since Waterton and we are impressed with the services and the sties (especially as they are about half the price of the Ontario Provincial Parks). A racoon wanders into the site while Bill is cooking dinner, apparently unaware that we are right there and bolts out of there as soon as he sees Bowie (brave guard dog that he is). Another unwanted critter arrives later that evening as Bill has to carefully pull a tic out of his upper leg. Ugly looking things that can do a lot of damage. We check that is this not the dangerous brown tic before tossing it out the door (no pictures of this adventure!). First it was rattlesnakes in southern Alberta and now it is tics, and we thought bears and moose were bad!

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