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I made the breakfast

Every ribbon ever made

Brilliant kitchen store

Met a nice American couple now living in Luxembourg while picking up the morning baguette. They offered tips on Porto, Portugal and recommended viewing the presentation at the Atelier des Lumieres

I made a booking for tomorrow over breakfast.

We departed the apartment just after 1000hrs to explore the Le Halles area in search of stores selling prepared French dishes; a task harder than we thought. Our main focus was on the very popular Rue Montorgueil. We circumnavigated the area including a search of the newish Les Halles complex for children’s toys but with little joy. As a shopping complex we were underwhelmed ; large spaces that offered space only. We completed our wanderings at 1330hrs returning to the apartment for a lunch of quiche and salad.

We rested until 1700hrs before testing the new shoes in search of a children’s store which we spotted walking to the apartment on day one. No joy with either exercise; I just need the right socks to wear with the shoes.

We had planned to see more of Paris by night this trip and after dinner, of the remaining quiche, we took the Metro to Ecole Militaire to walk the old area of Invilades.. We had not been successful in finding our Paris special coffee and were hopeful we would find it in the area we were staying last year. Unfortunately, the hunt for the coffee is now over and we have resigned ourselves to the present brand. We found several restaurants in the area that looked interesting which we had not seen before and acknowledged that many experiences will escape us in this city.

Our walk took us up the Avenue des Champs Élysées to the Arc de triomphe where we viewed the statute on the Arc, Le triomphe de 1810, sculptored day by the Dijon artist Rude.

We stopped for a leg break at the Unisex Cafe where we hade to face the fact a glass of rose was twice the price elsewhere. The Champs was heavily patronised by a majority of tourists and occasionally disturbed by “rabbits” speeding; especially if they had a Ferrari. We also scouted the shops for socks and an ice cream.

We returned by Metro, remembering it was significantly cheaper to buy a book of 10 tickets than it was individually. We were home in bed by 2330 hrs very tired front many hours of walking.

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