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North shore of Lake Superior (pics from previous blog)

Bill & Bowie on a walk

More Lake Superior Beach.

May 30th

Ok we have to admit now that we are in a more developed part of Ontario the scenery is actually less interesting. The horizon that was so majestic in Alberta and Saskatchewan has closed in and we only see to the cut line of trees on the side of the road. Not very exciting; however a couple of highlights today. We saw a traditional plough with six horses pulling a machine seeding the ground. This was not a demonstration but a working farm that we could see from the side of the road. I don’t know for sure but I expect it was Mennonite or other sect. Our stop this evening was at Chutes Provincial park on the Aux-Sable River near Massey, Ontario. The falls are dramatic now but in times gone by they were raging. Images of the wooden chutes that were built to bypass the rapids so logs could safely pass the rapids and falls and not jamb up are displayed along the river hike. It is fascinating to learn of all the various industries that created the small towns across Canada, and not that long ago. The temperature is hot and the humidity is high… the bugs are out in force. We can’t even eat outside tonight because the bugs are so thick. Unless you are moving or there is a breeze there is no hope of surviving outside so we retreat inside for the night.

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