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Badlands 2

Badlands 3

Badlands 4

Eye of the Needle

Black Hills Needles

Black Hills 1

Black Hills 2

Black Hills 3

Mt. Rushmore 1

Mt. Rushmore 2

Mt. Rushmore 3

Mt. Rushmore 4

Left Mitchell SD early and arrived at Badlands National Park. They have a 60 mile loop road through the park which is a wonderful way to experience this park. The scenery is spectacular.

In the afternoon we arrived in Hermosa SD where we set up the RV for three days.

After a good nights rest we set out on the scooter for a 90 mile ride through the Black Hills. What a day!!!!!! Perfect weather and the switchback riding through the mountains is so much fun. Every corner provides another breathtaking view. Iron Mountain Road, one of several we were on, boasts 300 curves.

Stopped for a bite in Keystone and then on to Mt. Rushmore. This is truly something that every American should see. Only took 17 years to carve!!! That's a lot faster than the Panama Canal.

We had an outstanding day and plan to take another ride tomorrow. Lots to see in the Black Hills. Plan on chasing the the buffalo around with the scooter.

Photos simply can't capture the beauty of this area!!!!!

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