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Street art on our walk to ferry terminal

Ferry Terminal to Macau

Turbo Ferry to Macau

Large Audio System Speakers ?

West Side of Hong Kong Island

Apartments by the 1,000's

Large Tee with small ball ?

Our ferry barely touches the water

Macau Causeway

Is this Los Vegas with water ?

Macau Ferry Terminal

Our Turbo Ride

Gaud-y Architecture (and we're not in Barcelona !)

Gaud-y close-up

Fabled Macau Sidewalks

Traditional Colonial Portuguese Architecture

Portuguese Colonial Tiles & Lili

Tile Close-up

Tile Close-up II

Macau Black, Grey, White Cobble Stoned Street

Film Crew on Felicidades Street

Youthful Recycling Campaign

Lili & the Local Ladies discussing some green stuff

Common Sidewalk Shrine

Clams in White Wine - Yum !

Grilled Sardines

Best Parallel Parking I've Ever Seen !

Macao Casino Light Show

Light Show II

In case you longed for more

Walked down to the ferry terminal to go to Macau, but when tried to buy tickets learned we had to have our passports ! So, back to hotel to get them, but this time used the Metro. We were to the hotel & back to the ticket office using the Metro in the time it took us to walk to the terminal the first time ! AND in air-conditioned spaces, versus hot, humid outdoors. One hour ferry ride had good views of western Hong Kong Island and the approach into Macau.

Interesting feature of the 'Turbo Jet' service we rode was that the boat's hull, once up to cruising speed, did not touch the water ! Instead the boat had been raised up onto skis/fins; one in the front, and two at the rear (on on each side). Same technology used by the America's Cup Racing Yachts; interesting how rich man's sport technology does 'trickle down' at times to commercial use by the masses. Regardless, it was a comfortable, quick ride.

Macao itself is dedicated to casinos & shopping. We did walk from the ferry terminal almost to the tip of the peninsula, and saw some fine examples of Colonial Portuguese architecture. The Black, Grey & White Cobble Stone streets laid out in various patterns were a highlight, as were the occasional wall tiles we found. Walked thru a couple casinos, and they were the same as Vegas or Reno, and actually not very populated; we're told because the season is just too hot even for the gamblers.

We searched for, & found, Felicidades Street; Happiness Street - so named as it was formerly Bordello Boulevard ! These days it is much more sedate, though Red shutters & doors are the predominant decor ! We found a good Portuguese food restaurant, relaxed sitting down in air-conditioning (!) after walking outside for a few hours; though Macao felt cooler than Hong Kong - maybe due to fewer high rise buildings and not backed up into steep hills, allows more air flow ? We enjoyed our meal of clams in white wine, butter & garlic, steamed vegetables & grilled sardines; though the later had not been de-scaled properly, much to the chagrin of the manager, who deducted it from our bill. I wonder which kitchen staff employee had a 'discussion' with said manager that night ? The staff may have been 'scaled-back' by one !?

Ciao for now

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