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May 21

Well, we had some gray skies but no rain yesterday. Good traveling for today. We have a few observations. The roads east of the Mississippi River seem to be worse than west of the River. Don’t know why?? There must be 100 million (or more) armadillos and possum in this country. If the number of dead ones along the roads are any indication. And, we have never seen as many disabled vehicles along the roads as we have this return trip. There were a BUNCH just in Texas. Of course, it is a long way across the Lone Star State! But we saw them everywhere. Many just had flat tires. Do people not carry spares now? Maybe they don’t know how to change a flat!!

We ended our day at the Hamburg, PA Cabelas (285 miles). Looked around the store and left without any purchases – has to be a first. Dinner at Red Robbin and a few groceries, etc. at Walmart pretty much finished our day.

Tues May 22, 2018

We awoke to the sound of raindrops. Ginger did go back into the store and she bought a few items utilizing her Tuesdays in May discount coupon. Off we went – up through Pottsville, home of America’s oldest brewery and on to I-81. It was raining and it continued to rain with heavy fog at times the whole day. Yup – that water in fuel alert came on again. This time I cleared it and it stayed off?

I-81 from Frackville to the NY line is mostly, horrible – HORRIBLE!!! It used to be good road except for the perennial areas of construction around Scranton, Wilkes/Barre and Binghamton. There were potholes everywhere, some large enough to swallow the motorhome. Well – almost! The lowest stretch of I-88 is still bad but they have paved much of the rest (to MM58 anyway). Not a fun day. We need to stop supporting those able-bodied people who don’t want to work for a living and take care of some of this country’s infrastructure problems!!! We will go back to I-87/I-84 to get south when not traveling secondary roads. We called it quits in Oneonta, NY (Rod – only 192 miles!). We are at the Susquehanna Trail Campground (Passport Park), a small and adequate park for the night. The 30 amp power is some of the best we have seen. We had dinner at Brook’s House of BBQ in town – HIGHLY rated!

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