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Anita & Judi B’s Roomette

Judi C & Vicki’s roomette

Pacific Ocean

Amtrak View of Coast

Paso Robles coast line

California Coast

More California coast

Our favorite transport, Letitia, picked up Judi B then swung by and picked up myself, Vicki and Anita for our adventure of riding the Amtrak train to Glacier National Park for a week of exploring another National Park. A few years back, the four of us visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Since then Anita moved from California to Arizona so this is the first time in a couple of years that the four of us have travelled together. Somewhat typical LA traffic took us one and one-half hours to reach Union Station in downtown LA - a 27 mile drive. As we will be on the train two (2) nights we opted to book ‘roomettes’ - two facing train seats fold down to make one bed and another bed/cot folds out of the wall above the window! So after boarding the train and storing our luggage at the end of the car we find our ‘roomettes’ - quite small and rather claustrophobic! We immediately head to the lounge/observation car to secure seats to witness the passing California coastline. It is a beautiful ride from graffiti/street art in Los Angeles to the beautiful Pacific waters near Santa Barbara to the golden rolling hills near Paso Robles to the green crops in the Gilroy area (garlic??)! Lunch and dinner on board on either end of a lengthy game of Phase 10, which Anita won! Prior to retiring for the night Vicki decided to try out the shower on the lower floor - she is trying to convince the rest of us it is ‘very nice’! Then it was time to climb into our confining ‘roomettes’. JC

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