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Overlooking Golf Course

At the top of small peak in Centennial Oark

View on the Hike

Today, Paula and I took a hike in Centennial Park above the golf course in the northeast side of Carson City. I think we trekked about 2.5 miles with an elevation change of about 600 to 700 feet. I think we started about 4600 and ended at 5240 ft or so. We have not been hiking up hills in quite a while. I did pick up a couple of geocaches today.

We walked about 2 miles yesterday in Riverside Park next to the Carson River. The hike was level ground. I was looking for geocaches and I nearly stepped on a snake. I could not tell if it was a rattlesnake. I did not care. I abandoned my quest for the geocache that the snake was "guarding." I did find another cache.

Did you notice that a lot of things are named Carson? All these places are named in honor of Kit Carson. Carson was a mountain man and a scout that John Fremont had hired during his 1843 expedition. Fremont named the Carson River after Kit.

I hope you enjoy the little history lessons that I pop in every so often. We slept through most of the lectures in high school and college!

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