2018 Summer-Fall Adventures travel blog

We did laundry yesterday. Boring! But, we do not like to go commando! We also discovered a small leak under the sink. Bill managed to get the leak repaired (Paula is always surprised!!!) without messing anything up. Well, almost! He pulled a tendon, muscle or something on his ribs crawling around under the sink. It felt like a cracked rib. It hurts like the dickens to breathe. As long as Bill doesn't cough or laugh he can live with the pain.

We drove down to the Visitor Center in center Carson City. The lady at the office was very helpful and knowledgeable about things to do in the area. We got a bag full of maps and brochures. So, with that and our local friends, we should be able to stay busy.

We also went to dinner with our friends. We drove to a casino in Dayton and ate at a Grille in the casino. Again, we skipped the slot machines. Our friends invited us to dinner at their home Sunday afternoon.

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