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Sailing in to Lisbon

Art on a wall in a Laneway in Lisbon

Lisbon is a busy city with Eurovision on and 3 ships in...

A fountain in Lisbon. Oh, that’s Ron as well.


The ship galley tour

Thursday 10 May, Cruise Day 5

Thursday morning was spent sailing in to Lisbon, great with lots of scenery on both sides of the ship. We arrived in Lisbon about 11 am and we spent the next few hours exploring the city. Lots of winding laneways and little squares. And naturally many churches!

The city was very busy with the finals of Eurovision, plus there were three cruise ships in town for the day. But unlike Spain and Italy, the Portuguese don’t go to sleep for the afternoon so everything remained open throughout our stay. Eurovision certainly brings out all the beautiful people with lots of visitors from around Europe and the US and we also heard more than a few Aussie accents from the thousands wandering the streets who were clearly there for Eurovision. The weather was very good to us in Lisbon with mild temps and sunshine.

Thursday evening we caught Belinda Carlisle’s show in the main theatre. She didn’t do much for us but the hundreds of Poms in the audience were in raptures.

Friday May 11, Cruise Day 6

Well, our last two days on board Navigator of The Seas are “at sea” days so a few more shows to fit in where we can. We saw Creedence Clearwater Revival (at least those from the band still with us), then Captain Howdy a bit later in the day. After dinner we finally got to see the man most of the ladies (and some of the men) on board have been swooning over - Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet). Great show, great voice.

Saturday May 12, Cruise Day 7

Our final day on board Navigator of The Seas. In the morning we joined the Behind the Scenes galley tour that included lunch and free flowing bubbles. After lunch we saw a Melbourne group, Field See and Mason. Then, being the last day of this cruise, of course it meant having to pack, at least it’s only for one day. Finally, on Saturday evening we saw ABC in the main theatre.

Sunday May 13, Cruise Transfer Day

We’ve departed Navigator of The Seas and now we’re waiting in the cruise terminal at Southampton before we board the P & O Britannia later this morning for our cruise up the Norwegian Fjords for the next seven days.

It been a bit of a mixed bag from a weather perspective. We had warm temps in London, some cool to cold days for the first and last couple of days on board and some warmer weather in the middle. Who knows what weather Norway will provide, but whatever it is we’re well prepared.

Food on board Navigator of The Seas

All in all the food on board has been excellent. From an omelette for breakfast, through to the many other options at the main buffet and in the main dining room. The specialty Japanese, Italian and Steak and Seafood restaurants have all been superb and we’ve been having most lunches and dinners in these.

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