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Suzdal of the Golden Domes

A Wide Variety of Dome Shapes - Each with a Different Meaning

There are Dozens of Churches in Suzdal

And a Kremlin - Bronze Door

Matryoshka Quilt - Suzdal is a Center for Handicrafts

The Geezer and Russian Friend

Illuminated Manuscript

Wooden Building

Wooden Building Interior

Wooden House Interior - A Nest!


In Another Life?


Convent Scene

Another Great Bronze Door

The Domes of Suzdal at Night

Am I Still in Russia?

Suzdal is essentially an open-air museum that preserves the Russian past - a place that Peter the Great would still recognize. Unlike our previous stops, Suzdal is relatively small, just 10 thousand inhabitants.

The Golden Dome of Russia - so called for its many domed churches, monasteries, convents.

A stunning Kremlin, excellent museums, pleasant cafes ...

And still not a single American to be seen. And this is a major World Heritage site just an hour or so by train from Moscow.

This is starting to get creepy. I've met more Russians in Destin than Americans in Russia.

We should get out more.

The Geezer

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