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Trail Glacier

Anchorage to Seward and Noordam Cruise Ship. June 10

Bittersweet day. Last day of the land journey, yet we get to board the cruise ship this afternoon. We finished packing and went for a long walk downtown. The westher in Anchorage has.been wonderful. Mostly in the 60s. Very comfortable in jeans and t-shirts and sometimes wearing a fleece or long sleeves. I also forgot to mention how beautiful and plentiful the flowers have been throughout the city. After our walk, we had some time to rest, then left on a coach for the train. The train has domes, but not on a second level like the other one. The views were so spectacular. Mountains all around us were tall and snow covered or snow capped. We rode along the water, alongside the highway, through tunnels (5 in a row one time), over rivers and through wooded areas. A bald eagle was spotted, but I missed it. They get about 160 feet of snow, so in at least one spot they have cannons to fire for avalanche control. We passed by the Portage, Skookun, Spencer, Bartlett and Trail glaciers. The largest one that we saw was the Spencer. It goes 7 miles back and is a mike wide. At one time it was 200 feet from the tracks, and now is a long way off. We also saw the Sergeant Icefields. We went by the huge Kenai Lake. Its 600 feet deep in spots. There is a whistle stop train, that will drop you off along the way. If you are not back to meet the train at the agreed upon time, they go looking for you. It's called the Leisure Express.

A Holland America representative did all the check in stuff so we only need to go through security when we arrive. However, there are 500 people on the train, so they will let us off one car at a time. Unfortunately we are in car 7, the last one. We arrived in the city at 5:30 pm and were on the ship at 7:10. We had some Happy Anniversary balloons by our door (40th was in March), and a gorgeous flower arrangement in our room, all from Anne Cutaiar of Lake Champlain Travel We had to do the Muster drill before dinner. Dinner was good. My rainbow trout was delicious and I had quinoa salad which was good. Jim had the spaghetti smd said it was so, so. For dessert I had warm banana crisp with ice cream. Jim had French onion soup for an appetizer, offered daily. For dessert he had a fruit tart. And of course a beer with dinner. Then they brought a cake for our anniversary. Thanks again to Lake Champlain Travel. We unpacked, mostly and then hit the hay about 11:30. Late for us.

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