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Anchorage Day 2 June 9

This is the last full day of our land portion of our journey. It sure went fast, and it was fabulous!

Jim got up with the chickens this am and did the laundry as there is only one coin operated washer and dryer for the whole hotel, and we just found out there is no coin laundry in the cruise ship… he beat out the lady that came in at 4:45. After our usual bagel breakfast, we walked down to the river to watch the salmon run. There were a few fishermen, but we didn't see any salmon. We checked later at the visitor information center and they said the best time to see them is high tide, 4:40 to 6:40 pm. We walked back up the hill and there was some type of race going on. Most of the people were walking, but there were lots of them. Next we went to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, and watched a video of the Aurora Borealis. It was amazing and well done. From there, we went to the Anchorage Market and Festival. There were many, many tents set up in a big lot. They were selling food and miscellaneous crafts, clothing and other items. We did a little shopping and got an ice cream and then went back to the hotel to rest. Late afternoon, we headed downtown to meet up with our group for a walking tour with Rachel. We had a few minutes to spare so checked out the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall. It has 4 levels, and only 2 anchor stores, Penneys and Nordstrom. There are 110 stores/services. On our walking tour, Rachel pointed out restaurants, bars and other items of interest. Rachel also brought a few sweets for us to try, including birch caramels, fireweed honey, and fireweed taffy. Downtown Anchorage has a tourist attraction called the Anchorage Light Speed Planet Walk. The purpose is that you can see the distance that the planets are from the sun in a scaled version. The scale is that a leisurely walk is the same as the speed of light. From the sun to the earth, it's about an 8 minute walk, as it takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to reach earth, etc. It takes about 11 miles of walking to get to Pluto, which was a planet when this was built. After the walk, we went to dinner at Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse. Jim had the reindeer burger again, and a couple of ales and I had the halibut burger. It was awesome! We got back to our room, and key cards don't work… got that fixed, and found someone else's suitcase had been placed in our room. Looks like the tag said 512 which was our room, but apparently it was 517… we walked 24, 524 steps today.

We probably won't have internet tomorrow once on the ship, so may not be able to post more until in a port with internet service.

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