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Dog sled demo

Snowshoe Hare

Denali day 3 June 7

We had the day to do whatever we want. So we took the free park shuttle to the visitor center and then the dogsled area. We had barely left the resort area, when we saw a Moose and baby on the walking trail by the road. A dog sledding demonstration was going on. We were allowed to pet some of the dogs. They are very friendly. Some were chained in a roped off area and some could roam freely. We overheard a worker mention to another one, that a moose had been seen on the nearby trail, indicating that they were moving. We didn't get to see it though. After a few minutes, they started the demonstration. When they saw the trainers with harnesses, they all started barking and getting excited. Pick me, pick me! They hooked them up to a wheeled vehicle and they took off. They pulled so quickly and strongly. The dogs just love it. They shared what each dog does and how they choose which position is best. They only used 5 dogs today, as they would go too fast and the musher would likely be thrown from the sled. After the demo, we decided to walk the trails back to our Chalet. We stopped at the Wilderness Access Center, where they shuttle hikers to different areas. We walked the trail behind the chalets as it is along the river. A couple claps of thunder ended that. It had thindered a couple of times along the other trail too and sprinkled a little. So far, it seems that these little pop up storms don't last long. It didn't thunder again. It was a nice hike back, with all our side trips amounting to 4 miles. The temperature is in the low 50’s but feels much warmer. Along the trails, we saw a lot of moose scat and also where tree branches had been chewed and broken up high, but the only animal was a snowshoe hare. I got his picture as he crossed in front of us. It was ice cream for lunch again. We do have apples and bananas for snacks, to get at least a little nutrition… we relaxed in the afternoon and attended a talk by the Artist in Residence, as recommended by our host. A little interesting, but not my thing. Dinner was caribou burgers again. We ordered a double burger meal to go and split it in our room. Just eating too much. It was just right and just as good as last night. Fries were better as we asked for no salt. Last nights were too salty. We were going to go on a nature walk tonight, but it was raining. Domed train to Anchorage tomorrow.

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