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Top od Denali looks like clouds between tree and prominent mountain

Bottom of Denali

Denali June 6

Today, we took the Tundra and Wilderness Tour of Denali. The weather was beautiful even as we went to higher elevations. The highest point we were at was only 3,980 feet. We traveled 62 of 90 miles. The first 15 miles were paved and the rest were gravel. The tour was so good! This was an 8 hour tour with a Denali Bus driver/tour guide. We saw a moose and her baby just after entering the park, and some more later on. A grizzly bear was in the brush and then walked right in front of our stopped bus, then alongside the bus before heading down the bank. We saw a lot of Dall sheep. There were several arctic ground squirrels and a couple snowshoe hares. We also saw a few willow Ptarmigans, which are members of the grouse family. They look like chickens. The mountains were so beautiful with their snow caps. We saw the top of Denali about 45 minutes into the trip. When we reached the farthest place, the top was in the clouds so only saw the bottom. It was still beautiful. They said Denali creates its own weather patterns due to its size. So even though it was sunny as we left, there were clouds around it. We learned that there are 2 glaciers on Denali, each ½ mile deep. Denali is 20,310 feet high. At the end of the tour, they gave us nice soft cover books on Denali. When we returned, we ate dinner at Karsten’s Public House in Denali Square. We had the delicious onion ring, chip and dip appetizer, and it was delicious. Then we had caribou burgers, fries, and delicious homemade pickles. Yummy

Addendum to June 6

Jim is good at keeping track of the numbers of animals. We saw 25 Caribou, 15 Dall sheep, 5 Moose, 3 Ptarmigans, 2 Grizzly Bears, some snowshoe hares, and lots of Arctic Ground Squirrels.

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