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Our suite on Navigator of the Seas

Guggenheim Bilbao

Vigo Old Town

Vigo Old Town

Lunch in the Japanese restaurant on our ship

Navigator of the Seas Sunday 6 May, Cruise Day 1

We were collected from our hotel in London and driven to Southampton where we boarded the cruise ship, Navigator of the Seas. Our first day onboard was mainly about familiarisation of the ship as it’s much bigger than we expected. Our suite is also huge with a walk in robe and great bathroom. The living area is a bit sparse but has everything we would need, even a kettle.

We only got to one show on day 1, Kim Wilde, and boy was she great.

Monday 7 May, Cruise Day 2

Pulling back the curtains this morning as we cruised down the French coast we were greeted with a total whiteout with a thick fog hanging about before partially burning off around 10 am. Monday was an “at sea” day so a pretty relaxed start to the day. We tried to get in to the “Best of the Bee Gees” show but we couldn’t be bothered with the queues waiting to get in to the main theatre so we skipped that and went to the Mockingbirds instead. Later in the afternoon we went to the Mindbenders. The rest of the day saw us was moving from one show (or bar) to the next.

Tuesday 8 May, Cruise Day 3

Foolishly we’d just naturally assumed that as we were now in Spain the weather would be like Barcelona or Madrid, but in the north the weather is more like the UK. And so it was in Bilbao, although no rain, just overcast and cool. We checked out the old town of Bilbao (very much like the old towns of Barcelona and Madrid) and spend a good deal of time in the Guggenheim, what an amazing space and building it is, we could have easily spent many more hours there.

Oh, and did we mention we had no water on board on Tuesday morning, yep apparently they had some sort of engineering problem. We say “apparently” because no one in authority on board has apologised or even acknowledged that it occurred let alone bothered to explain what went wrong. No water from taps, no water for toilets, not even any water to drink! They didn’t even provide us with a bottle of water. The first time we saw a bottle of water was when we were about to go ashore and they were trying to sell us bottles of water for just under $3.

Wednesday 9 May, Cruise Day 4

Today is our visit to Vigo, Spain. The morning was cruising and more shows throughout the ship, with the ship docking about 2 pm. Naturally, being Spain, as the ship docked most of the shops, art galleries, etc closed and don’t re-open again until 5.30 pm. Oh well just had a coffee and that was it. And here we were desperate to spend money.

Tonight we’ve got Go West performing in the main theatre at 9.30 pm and we’ll fit in dinner and a few shows before that.

Tomorrow it’s Lisbon and the semi finals of Eurovision!

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