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Springwood - the Roosevelt Home and Mansion.

Springwood - FDR's lifelong home, from birth to burial.

Whimsical statue at the visitors center.

FDR and Eleanor's final resting place.

Never more true in these modern times.

Hyde Park is the home of FDR. We are here because both Janet and I have read a few historical books about the Roosevelts and we are both interested in the history. She has never been here and I was here once when I was about 12.

FDR was born here and continued to live here all his life. Of course, someone with his family money had other homes, like in Manhattan and Campobello in New Brunswick, but he always listed this as his home address. It was really his mother's property, and she continued to own it till she died in 1941. Franklin brought his wife to live here when they married in 1905. She always hated it here because she wanted a place of her own and a 'normal' family home.

The home was donated by Eleanor right after FDR's death, along with everything in it. It is preserved just as it was furnished and looked at in 1945. FDR's presidential library is on the grounds along with a visitors center, and other buildings that existed such as a horse barn and carriage house.

FDR and Eleanor each had their own places nearby. FDR designed and built "Top Cottage" to be his quiet home in retirement since Springwood was always overrun with visitors and activity. Eleanor built "Val-Kill" to be her own place, since living with her mother-in-law never gave her the privacy of her own home and the authority to keep it as she wanted, and she used it as her primary residence from 1945 till her death in 1962.

Very interesting to see.

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